Where can I find your other photos?

The only place where you can find exclusive and high definition photos is this website: in the Free photos section you can find my sexy photos accessible to all, in the Erotic photos and Videos sections, you can find all my adult content you can watch by joining my Patreon and choosing one of the 5 tiers available.

I have also two OnlyFans profiles: one where I post every Sunday 2 soft porn photos very close uncensored and explicit and the other one it's a new archive of photos and mini amateur porn videos alone and in couple, saved from my Snapchat 🔞

If you have confused ideas, look at this page where I explain the differences between Patreon and OnlyFans

You can find other personal photos by following me on Instagram and some more hot on Twitter


Why should I sign up for the newsletter?

Signing up for the newsletter is useful to stay updated on everything that concerns me. Generally I send only one or two weekly newsletter, except for extra urgent notices (as happened for example when I had to change my Instagram profile).

In addition, by subscribing to the newsletter and confirming your email address, you will have access to 3 nude photos exclusively for new subscribers!

how Patreon works

Patreon is a US giant that allows users to access extra content posted by the creators by subscribing to a subscription tier. Each creator like me decides how many tiers and at what price to post them, the user can choose a tier and sign up by paying the pre-established amount and the subscription will be valid until the 1st of the following month, the day on which the same amount will be charged again to unless the subscription is canceled first.

Patreon is totally anonymous if you choose a username that is not attributable to your person and allows payments by credit card and PayPal.

Personally, I have 5 Patreon tiers to satisfy every economic need and every taste (remember that in Patreon pornography is prohibited):

  • Supporter (1€ per month)
    I post 2 nude photos per month, to date you can see 36 sets of content
  • Feet Lover (5€ per month)
    I post 5 ass and feet photos per month, to date you can see 48 sets of content
From this tier onward you will receive every month (as a gift) a NUDE EROTIC VIDEO di 4-5 minuti di durata in alta definizione (inviato verso la metà del mese via mail):
  • True Lover (20€ per month)
    The most chosen, I post a set of photos completely naked and in erotic situations every 2 days , to date you can see over 200 set of photos and 40 videos and I answer the questions you want by private messages on this website!
  • Daddy (50€ per month)
    In terms of content, it is identical to the previous one and in addition you will have access to my amateur porn Snapchat where I post about once a day. We will chat on Snap and you can send me your hot photos and I will comment on them!
  • As You Wish (100€ per month)
    You want the best, in addition to everything you have read so far ... you will also receive the video gift of the last 4 months and a 10 custom photos set taken trying to satisfy your requests!

P.S. each tier includes all the benefits of the previous ones, who is added to Snapchat will be removed once the renewal of the tier has stopped. All photos on this site are protected by DMCA, a legal giant specialized in IT law and intellectual property protection, therefore disclosure in any form is prohibited.

One last note: those who sign up for my Patreon at the end of the payment will see their receipt inclusive of VAT differentiated according to the country of origin.

Can I upgrade my Patreon tier?

You joined as a Supporter 1€ but now you are dying to see more...? No problem, you can at any time make an upgrade of your Patreon tier paying only the difference... you don't have to do anything strange, Patreon will take care of everything!

Why are your photos paid?

With this question I would like to clarify a bit the ideas to many of you: those who do not want to pay are not obliged to do so and in this regard there are free photos and those posted on my social profiles (Twitter & Instagram).

Those who decide to pay will find photos of a different content, taken with tools that have a cost (think only of lights, camera, tripods, etc.) in terms of time too ... taking a set of photos published on Patreon can also request hours (between shooting and post production). Other costs derive from the management of this site and the related services: in addition to the server for the web space for example, I pay a monthly fee to DMCA.com to fight the sly people who illegally share my photos ... or the monthly fee in Iubenda, a Italian startup that simplifies the procedures for writing the privacy page and the policies with which this site treats cookies (to be in compliance with the law).

Well ... whoever decides to pay joins a project that in addition to repaying me, also repays many other partners (I have listed only a couple to not get bored).

Do you accept cryptocurrencies?

We have a couple of interesting projects related to cryptocurrencies in mind and for now I accept only crypto donations via Coinbase. If you want to contribute you can do it using the button below!

Do you meet?


What I do is a passion that has become a full time job but the result does not change, I do not meet, I am not an escort and I am not interested in any kind of live collaboration. Thank you!