Moving to Majorca

As many of you already know, we plan to move to the sea by next spring ... more precisely in Palma de Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands in Spain.

As you can imagine, my definitive move to the sea will have many advantages for both you and me as I would spend most of the year in swimwear (or naked) creating incredible contents to post on my social networks but above all for you!

I have been organizing this for about a year but there are many organizational difficulties and expenses to be faced, for this reason I created a found raising for everyone who wants to helps me... I will be grateful to you!

How? From day one of my new life to the sea, all participants will have unlimited free access to an exclusive and dedicated channel that will become the diary of my adventure!

To partecipate, click on the Growsih logo below here!


Colletta di Layla Marlene su Growish


P.S. donations will not be visible to everyone but only and exclusively to me


Thank you!